Thursday, June 21, 2007

Moving frustrations

As some know, we're in the process of moving across town right now.

As of yesterday, I have a washer and dryer sitting in my dining room at the new house.

This is now where a washer and dryer should go. They're there because none of us (I'm including family in this) can get it down the basement stairs. We did measure things, I promise.

I'll be calling the place we got them from tomorrow and seeing if we can return them. I'm hoping it won't be a problem. We haven't used them at all yet, all they've done is sit there and take up space.

I'll be looking forward to getting this move over and done with. Anybody want to help? We've got more than just the washer/dryer to move. ;) Can I tempt you with delicious homemade baked goods?