Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This year, my husband Dave, took two weeks off work for his vacation back in July.

I was ready for him to go back after the first weekend. I love him dearly, but his vacation weeks really throw off my groove!

We mostly stayed right around Erie, with an exception for a day trip to Cleveland to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We visited the TREC down on Presque Isle and went to Sara's.

Staycation, day 3

Staycation, day 3

Staycation, day 3

Connor turned 11!

Connor and I

We did a movie day and saw Despicable Me (LOVED IT!) and went to Steak and Shake. This next picture is the last one of Mason's long hair - he got a haircut over vacation too, finally!


We went to Family First Sports Park and did mini golf with the in-laws another day. There are no pictures from our Cleveland trip because they don't allow pictures to be taken inside the R&R Hall, so I just left the camera at home.

We visited the Erie Zoo, after not going last year (we just couldn't fit it into our schedule last year).

Erie Zoo

Erie Zoo

Erie Zoo

Erie Zoo

There was also a bowling day in there somewhere (for the kids).

This wasn't on vacation, but I just had to share it!

Fresh Cake t-shirt

There will be more cupcake pictures here again later in the week as I am making wedding cupcakes this week! Here is just a teaser ;)

practice cupcake