Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our little Sookie...

... isn't quite so little any more!

Sookie is 5 months old now and we love her more every day (even if she has a bit of a shoe fetish, LOL!)!

Here she is the day after we brought her home with us:


and here she is just the other day!


We are doing weekly training classes along with my 4-H club and she's getting the hang of things very quickly! She just doesn't like to stand for anything, but we're working on that.

She and Milo still like to get in each others' faces, but they're getting better. He's much more tolerant of her now and they actually play together some. I've even caught them sleeping next to each other but as soon as I go to get the camera they're both up and wanting attention!

I think that's the update for now! Off to walk the pups!