Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Right now

me right now
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Following Eden's instructions, lol. (found HERE)

This is me, right now. I didn't feel like getting my camera things out, so I just used the webcam and grabbed a screen shot.

Yes, my hair IS getting quite long and I usually keep it pulled back because of work, so it doesn't always look like it's this long. I really don't know what to do with it anymore other than just pull it back in a ponytail. It's stick straight, won't hold a curl at all and is ridiculously thick. It's also been colored numerous times (but not in the last couple years, I've been trying to grow all the color out, so what you see is my natural color).

Just before I snagged this shot, Milo was sitting on the ottoman behind me. That's his usual spot when I'm the only one downstairs. He just wants to be comfy and part of the action!

I'm off to enjoy the start of my looooooong vacation!