Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a few random photos to catch things up!

My camera has also been a little neglected lately too. I did take some pictures over the holiday, but I don't have them up on Flickr yet.

This was a cake that I made for a friend of mine - they are cookie "zombies" that are attacking and coming out of the cake.

Cookie attack!

Cookie attack!

Here is the first family picture we've ever had with all four of us! It only took us 12 years to get it done, LOL! We took this on Thanksgiving at my parents' house (my dad used my camera to take it). We decided to use this on our Christmas cards this year! The only thing I don't like about this photo, is how gray my hair has gotten, lol.

Potential Christmas card photo!

Back in October, I took some engagement photos for a friend of a friend. This was the first time I've really done anything like these, so please be gentle!

Kristin + Kevin

Kristin + Kevin

I know there's more to share, but since I'm going to try to blog more, I'll save them for another time!

Puppy update!

So, I've been slacking with this blog again, it's becoming a habit that's not so good. I promise to try and blog more this year!

Sookie is 10 months old now and has really assimilated herself into this household well. The only thing I wish she didn't do, is eat shoes. We can't seem to break her of this habit no matter what we try (I even tried putting the shoes up off the floor where she can't get them, but I found her yesterday with one of my dress shoes). We love our little troublemaker though!

She has had a lot of firsts these past few months. Her first real experience with snow (which was short-lived as we had some decent weather here that melted the snow we did get). Her first experience with Christmas - she completely left the tree alone, but did chew up a couple other decorations. Her first time jumping up onto our bed, which we totally didn't expect as our bed is pretty high off the ground. No one is safe now!

Here are a few updated pictures to share, too!

Happy Sookie!


Head-on snow snorf!

...and don't forget Milo, too!

Christmas dogs + a little bit of bokeh