Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cupcake assortment.....

....and only one puppy picture this time, LOL.

This is a box of 7 dozen mini cupcakes. From bottom to top - Orange Dreamsicle, Malted Milk Ball, Pink Lemonade, Cookies and Cream, French Toast and Bacon (yes, bacon!), Ho-Ho, and Grasshopper mini cupcakes.

Mini cupcake assortment

Funny story that goes with the Malted cupcakes - I took a box of cupcakes to my mom at work last week for her birthday, and she announced that the milk ball ones "taste just like a Whopper" (meaning the candy ball) and someone else asked "like from Burger King?!" LOVE IT!!

Just so I don't leave my other dog out of my blog again, here are both pups, eyeballing me for a treat!

Milo and Sookie