Monday, September 27, 2010

Erie dessert tour suggestions wanted!!

If there is anyone local that still reads this, I'm calling out to you!

We want to try to do a dessert tour of Erie county. Originally my husband wanted to try to get this done in one day, but I think I've convinced him that if we were to do this, he'd end up going into diabetic shock. It has been discussed further, and we would like to do this over the next few Saturdays (starting October 9th).

Sooooo, here is where you come in, dear readers! I am looking for restaurants, bakeries, ice cream/gelato places (I realize we are starting this towards the end of "ice cream season") and local hidden gems (like Frank's Farm Market that was suggested by a friend on Facebook). We're trying to keep this local, not choosing national chains.

If you have a suggestion - please let us know what to try there! Between the four of us, there is bound to be something everywhere that at least one of us will try! Our goal is to try to divide county up (north, south, east, west) over four weeks.

I plan on bringing my camera and blogging one or two places a week, to make this more of a series, since I've been a blog slacker lately!

Thank you, in advance, for your help and suggestions!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paws at the Park

Miss Sookie is currently zonked out on the living room couch right now. Before that, she was sacked out under our bed upstairs. I wore her out today!

Today was Paws at the Park here in Erie. It is put on every year by our local Therapy Dog group. There are vendors and demonstrations and lots and lots of dogs! My sister and I went together and let the "cousins" hang out (her dog and Sookie - Milo stayed home because he doesn't always play nice with other dogs). We had a really good time! I took lots of pictures - here are some of them! You can follow any of them to Flickr to see the rest (I have to get around to renewing my Flickr membership - I don't like the rest of my 1000's of photos floating out there and I can't get to them)!

Paws in the Park - Sookie!

We saw more Corgis than I expected to see here! The little red and white fella here only made it to Erie yesterday all the way from Missouri! He was SO stinkin' cute!
Paws in the Park Paws in the Park Paws in the Park Paws in the Park

We got to watch an Agility demonstration - I've done agility before and love it, but not so sure I'm coordinated enough to do it now!
Paws in the Park

Blog readers, meet my sister and her pup, Raider! We took a time-out to get a new picture of them (because the last time I tried to take one, Raider wouldn't cooperate!)!

I think that about wraps up today! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Calendar Girl!

If you follow the link to the fantastic Corgi Butts blog, you will find our sweet little Sookie is Miss December on the Corgis (with blogs) 2011 calendar!! I would love to thank everyone that voted for her!

She has taken to chewing two very specific things lately around the house - sandals and the button eyes off of Mason's stuffed animals. I think she's trying to send us a message. "If you try and leave the house, I'll chew your eyeballs out!"

We love our little girl more every day. She loves having the boys and I home all the time since we started cyber school with PA Cyber this school year. This means more walks and pets (and treats) and lots and lots of loving! You can usually find her crashed out either on our bed (if we pick her up - we need to invest in some doggy steps, I think) or in my office, guarding our vast dvd collection.


I am SO excited that she made the calendar that I just had to share it! Any money from calendar sales will go directly to Lakeshore Corgi Rescue in Iowa, so I totally encourage you to pick up a calendar when they go on sale, or even just the digital version, if that's all you can afford.

Again, Sookie and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Happy Tuesday, everybody!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Worn out pup!

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Sookie has been enjoying playing with the neighbor pup (a shepherd mix) and comes home completely zonked - we love it!!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts again but with school starting, things have been a little hectic!