Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

I would really like this week to be over with.


It's been one "whoops" after another here since this past Friday afternoon (which I don't want to speak of) and then on Sunday when I got stuck in ditch at Wintergreen Gorge - thank you thank you thank you again Ron for helping me get unstuck.

Tonight I am baking some delicious pumpkin cupcakes for Dave to take to work with him tomorrow because it's a coworker's last day. I was getting ready to put the first pan in the oven ... had the oven door open and TRIPPED. The pan upended itself and landed unbaked cupcake-side down right on the hot oven door.


I got the oven cleaned off and the first batch after that just finished baking without incident. *fingers crossed for the rest of them*

Two more days, I can survive them right?