Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January update (oops, photos, cupcakes and dog!)

You can call me Grace!

I'm on crutches for the next 5 days thanks to my fantastic walking-down-the-stairs abilities! I have a sprained ankle but they also found a bone spur on my heel when they did the x-ray. I never even know I had it, and honestly, I've never really noticed anything hurting there. The urgent care doc said it didn't look bad, so they didn't suggest doing anything about it, so I'll just let it go, I guess!

I dropped the boys off at school this morning and now I'm resting, which is nice! I went to my usual sites I visit this morning only to find that I have a photo featured on The Pioneer Woman's photography site this morning!!

This only had minimal tweaking, slight contrast, some sharpening after it's resized, but it's pretty much straight out of the camera. I remember the date it was taken without having to check the photo stats because that date means a lot to me. I remember standing down at Liberty Park looking over the Lake and enjoying the beautiful view. That is one of my favorite places to shoot and I haven't been down there in so long.

blue lake erie sunset

Seeing that up on her site absolutely made my day!

Not too much else going on here lately. Cupcakes I've made lately include Cookie Dough, Orange Dreamsicle, Peanut Butter Cup, and Banana Split. The last three are featured in this photo here:


I'll leave you with the latest photo of my puppy (who isn't really much of a puppy - he'll be 9 soon), Milo! He never holds still so I don't get to take his picture much.