Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cupcakes, sheep and an update.

I know that my posts have been scarce lately and I apologize for that. Things have been a little crazy here. This will be a jam-packed post with lots of pictures, so just bear with me, lol.

We switched M's meds from a pill to a patch. He's on meds for the attention part of ADHD. We started those over the summer so his body could settle in before school started, but we started having issues with the pill (stomach trouble and he developed a couple ticks that we had to get rid of right away), so his doctor recommended a patch since M was having some issues with swallowing a pill too. So far, in the month he's been on the patch, he's doing beautifully. No ticks (knock on wood) have re-developed and his teacher has noticed a huge difference in his paying attention at school. Grades have improved as well which is also fantastic! He doesn't like me to take his picture, so I have to sneak one when I can, lol. This is him at Thanksgiving sneaking all of the berries out of a fruit salad. You can see C in the background (no new updates on him, he's still doing great).


I recently shot Christmas card pictures for a teacher (and a friend of mine for many many years) at the school I work at. Her girls are just adorable!

The Pristello Family

Cupcakes have been a little slow going as of late - and there is plenty of time to get an order in for Christmas if you still want to! Just ask, and I will get you a menu! I may even post the menu here in a separate post in the next couple days, I haven't decided yet. The last order I did had peanut butter cupcakes with milk chocolate buttercream frosting, cookies 'n' cream cupcakes and a special order of white chocolate raspberry cupcakes (those are special order because raspberries aren't in season now).


I've decided that I really need to stop acknowledging my husband when I hear "Hey hon! Bring your camera up here, you've got to see this!"

Dave and sheep

Sheep working his tushy off

lazy sheep

I think that's just about everything that I've not posted about lately (other than our car needing $300 more worth of work last week - UGH). I'll try to post more often. Right now I'm counting down to Christmas vacation, lol.