Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween recap and Contest!

Friday night we met up with Dave's brother and his wife and their kids and we went Trick-or-Treating with them. I should have been home baking, but that's another story. The kids had a blast and made it more than a block this year, LOL.


The baby didn't walk with us, she stayed home with my sister-in-law and helped pass out candy, but she's too cute to leave out of this!


When we headed down our second street we ran across this giant spider, which I thought was pretty creative! It was still fairly light at this point.


Then we hit our third street, which is where I knew everyone because it was right around the corner from our old house (this is also where we usually get separated - Dave and the kids go on without me and pick me up on the way back because I'm too busy socializing, LOL). There is a house there that goes all out every year and I love it. The kids don't really care for it, but this was the first year that they all actually walked up the the porch instead of Kathy coming down to hand them candy. I was quite proud of my boys!


...and finally, a few individual shots of my boys - and the contest (if you've made it this far!)






Now, if you can tell me exactly who Mason is supposed to be, I will give you one dozen cupcakes of your choosing (I have a menu you can pick from). The only stipulation is that you must be local (Erie, PA). I'm looking for a specific name, not just a general idea here. Oh, and family, isn't eligible, LOL, because you already know the answer!

Good luck!!