Friday, June 22, 2007

Life is merrier, with a Jack Russell Terrier

It's the final day of playing Marco Polo to find the dog in my kitchen here.

Tomorrow I can start playing that at the other house.

Small dog, lots of boxes - he gets lost rather easily. He also doesn't like change all that much, so all of these "kitchen intruders" are really getting under his skin. He's really not much of a barker, but he has been the last couple weeks.


Meet Milo. He's a 6-year old Jack Russell Terror. While the breed in general is not normally very good with kids, he is excellent with mine and any that he has met along the way here in this neighborhood. He's actually the reason I've met most of my neighbors here. We got him shortly after we moved into the house we're leaving, so everyone here has known him since he was itty bitty. I think they all knew his name before they knew mine. "Here comes Milo!" was a very common thing to hear being shouted up the street and everyone would come running. I think they'll miss him after we leave.

He's a very smart dog, as the breed is, but he's not all that bright. I was coming home from a walk with him one day last year and was opening the back door to the house - but the inside door was still shut. He went full force ahead into that solid door, shook his head and tried again. I must have stood there laughing forever at him. He was fine. ;) He's also an excellent watch dog, but if anyone tried to break into the house he'd just lick them and be happy to see someone.

While I've never really been a big fan of terriers in general - we really couldn't ask for a better dog than Milo.

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