Wednesday, June 20, 2007

lilies after the storm


*large view of the above photo is best. click on the image to be taken to a bigger version*

It rained here on and off all day yesterday (if you're reading this from Erie, you already knew that) - that's a good thing, we needed it badly.

After the first downpour, I ran outside and snapped the above photo.

We're in the process of moving across town. What I will miss most of all about the house we're in now will be the lilies that surround the front and west side of the house.

I don't know enough about gardening to try to transplant any of the plants that are here to the new house, so I'll just have to learn how to set up a new garden.

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Lilith said...

The picture of the lilies with the water droplets is beautiful. I know a woman who had put into her sales contract that she'd have up to one year to come back and dig up her plants and flowers for transplanting to her new house. Of course, she couldn't take it all and leave an ugly mess for the new owners, but she made sure she could take some of everything from her prized flower beds. Lilies are very hardy and transplant easily. If you can't put them in the ground right away, just keep the roots moist in some kind of container. They'll keep like that for a long time until you're ready to find them a new home.