Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The day NOT to go to the zoo.

Make note of this people, do NOT go to the zoo on Senior Citizens' Day. It took us longer to find a parking place than it took us to drive up to the zoo. We wouldn't have gone today but my grandparents invited the boys and I didn't want to stay home alone, so I tagged along. Once we got in the zoo though, it wasn't too bad. A little slow going, but not too bad. I was able to go off on my own a little because the boys were with my grandparents, so I spent a little time in the greenhouse.





After that I stopped by to visit the FUZZY CHICKEN!! Not everyone will remember the FUZZY CHICKEN, but those who do, love the FUZZY CHICKEN! (he/she is the white one)


Then I got scared by a donkey, but we won't go there and I don't have a picture of it. I spent a tremendous amount of time watching the polar bear, who was doing Elvis impersonations today (lots of lip curling/sneering).



I seriously could have spent all day watching him. He was smart and stayed in the water the entire time. The lions were sleeping, as they always seem to be. If you click on this picture to go to the larger version, you will notice that the male lion is sleeping with his tongue hanging out.


I'm going to skip over to the giraffe, who also was sticking his tongue out today.


Even the evil monkeys that I hate (yes, hate) were sticking their tongues out today. (you have to click on the larger version to see it though)


I had to visit the lorikeets. They're another stop where I could spend all day. That is my grandfather in the picture (he's the one without the feathers).


My favorite part of the day though, were the baby ducks that were walking by the food court! Mason wanted to try to pet them, lol.




That was my day at the zoo. If you want to see the other pictures from today (and other visits to our zoo from last year), you can view my Zoo set on my Flickr page found [HERE].

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