Monday, July 9, 2007

I think I cursed myself....

....trying to bake brownies in 90 degree heat.

I was sitting there mixing up my brownies when the phone rang. It was my friend Shel - who is coming to spend the day with me tomorrow! I got my brownies poured into the pan ... put into the oven. About 10 minutes goes by -- and THE POWER GOES OUT ON OUR BLOCK.

Kids are freaking out, dog's freaking out, Dave's sitting upstairs in the dark. None of us can remember where we put the flashlight. SO Dave gets the brilliant idea to light up the room with his lightsaber that I bought him for Christmas a couple years ago. It actually worked pretty well. Now all I had to do was to keep the kids from hitting each other (and me) with it.

The timer I had set for my brownies was set on the microwave - which went out when the power went out. I had no idea how long my brownies had been in at this point. About half an hour goes by (which is how long they were to cook for) and I get Dave to get the pan out of the oven with only the lightsaber for light. The brownies are still completely gooey in the center. Aparently, the oven we have is gas - but has an electric starter, or something like that - and it stopped working when the power went out.

That batch of brownies will go in the garbage and I'll make a second batch for the blogger picnic.

We ended up going for a ride in the air conditioned van because it was just too damned hot in this house. The power was on when we got home, thankfully!

OH! Before I forget, while the power was out, I took the dog outside so he could do his business. That's not the interesting part, I promise, LOL. We're standing there next to a tree across the street when some bonehead up a block sets off fireworks. I never expected it. I just about hit the ground. I went running full speed back across the street to the house with the dog flying behind me still attached to his leash and came bursting in the door. The three stooges are sitting there laughing at me because they had heard the fireworks and know my fear of them.

This entry has gone on long enough so I'm going to go up to the a/c in the bedroom and wind down.

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