Saturday, July 14, 2007

In search of - one good Chinese restaurant.

.... on the west side of town.

I mean, I'll drive back to the east side and go to Jade Garden if I have to (and we probably will), but sometimes I get a craving for it and don't want to drive that far, LOL.

We're at 10th and Cascade if that helps anyone.

I've always lived on the east side - it's like moving to a whole new town over here!


ron said...

when i worked near 12th and pittsburgh we usually made the trip up to the super buffet on 26th street. it's between pittsburgh and penisula, right next to tim hortons and ferrier's. loved going to that place.

Anonymous said...

Golden Wok - 29th and Pittsburgh Ave.

I don't remember the name of the place next to Friday's on upper Peach, but it's good.

Emma said...

I second the vote for The Golden
Wok...but it's located on the southwest corner of West 32nd & Pittsburgh (in a small plaza), not West 29th. ;)

Eden said...

I've also heard good things about the Golden Wok (Emma's right on that address). We only ever went to the one on upper Peach, near the used CD store, and it was always very good. For quick Chinese, I always liked Wegmans but Wegmans West doesn't have the Chinese bar.

I've heard things about the Vietnamese place by the airport too.

Dittman said...

If the Vietnamese place is Pho - it's closed. I didn't find out until I drove from Venango County for some bubble tea, only to find it shuttered...