Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I am one happy Kitten!

I'm still bouncing!

I just got the call and I got the extra hours and a bit of a promotion at work this year!!!

I'll be working 9 - 2 (approximately 2) this year instead of 10:30 - 2.

We're losing someone - who I will miss dearly - but I get her job! LOL

I go in Friday for a bit and then school and work start on Monday!


Where do I work? I won't give the specifics here but I am a lunch lady at one of the elementary schools here. Yes, it's not the most glamorous job - but I really do love it now that I found a school I'm happy at (I started as a sub being shuffled from school to school but last year I got placed at a school permanently).


That's the kitchen where I work. It's not terribly exciting - but it's work!

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