Monday, August 13, 2007

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Now that I have that Sesame Street song stuck in my head, I'll write this entry.

For the most part, since we moved to the new house, I like the neighborhood we're in. I've finally found my way around here.

*time out*

That reminds me - if anyone wants/needs a walking buddy and is around 9th/10th and Cascade-ish - I'm out every night with the dog!

*time in*

I'm thankful that we found great neighbors to the left of us. They're a charming older couple who always take the time to chat when we run into each other outside.

To the right of us though, is a different story. When we first moved in the kids were excited (and I was a bit, too) that there were kids in the neighborhood their age.

I was out walking the dog Sunday morning when the younger of the two neighbor boys was out playing in front of his house (his parents' were nowhere to be found - and I'm not surprised). I heard him yell to another kid something rather unsavory - and have heard him yell it quite a few times since then. These kids are always outside with no supervision and I often find them playing IN the street.

Now. My kids are nowhere near perfect, but I've tried very hard to raise them to be tolerant and accepting of others. You will not find my children yelling anything like this child yelled.

My kids will no longer be playing with those boys. I hate to do it - but I really don't want my kids to pick up those nasty habits.

This was just a vent, I suppose. I'm off to make lunch!

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