Friday, September 28, 2007

The Connor, again

I have another story about the Connor! I know, two entries about him in one month, right? LOL

His teacher just adores him. She pulled me aside again today and told me about a paper he had to write.

His class just got done reading a story about kids going to camp, and the one kid in the story won an award for being a great friend. The paper they had to write was about what award they would win if they were given one.

The Connor's answer:

"I would win an award for being a great dancer."

I'll stop here for a second. I've seen the Connor dance. Now, I love my child, but he has been 'blessed' with my dancing skills - or lack thereof.

"If you saw me dance you would swear you were watching a music video."

At this point in her telling me about this, I swear she had tears in her eyes from laughing. She said that was the best answer to that question she's ever read since she started teaching.

It's really never a dull moment with the Connor!

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