Friday, July 25, 2008

grasshoppers and girls


Well, it's Friday anyway, even if all my days seem to run together with me having the summer off.

We headed to Giant Eagle when Dave got home from work because the fridge was looking kind of sad and empty. We stopped for gas there too when I found out we had a hitchhiker. This little bugger really didn't want to get off of the car at all!

little green hitchhiker

little green hitchhiker

After the grasshopper excitement (we're easily amused, lol) we headed towards home when we saw a couple of girls around my boys' ages running a car wash in their driveway. Mason started to say something and I thought he was going to ask if we could get our car washed but instead he piped up with "Can we take one home?" Dave gave him a high five and laughed. I just laughed but thought that I'm not ready for them to be interested in girls yet!

Mason also asked if I was going to go home and blog about it. I think we have a future blogger in the making there!

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