Sunday, August 3, 2008

frozen "cupcakes"

Can you tell I'm still waiting to get my oven fixed? LOL It'll happen this week though and then watch out!

I just love making things miniature sized. One or two bites and you're done, and if you eat a second one you won't feel like you're stuffing yourself.

finished frozen "cupcakes"

I had some "batter" left over so I got out my 6-cup muffin tin and made some full sized ones too.

full size frozen "cupcake"

Dave's only request is that next time I make them, I use just a graham cracker crust (this one is almost more like a granola than just graham).


j*amy said...

awesome!! those look great...yours turned out way better than mine [i'm blaming this on the irish cream added to the ice cream...but oh my gosh did it taste good]


You may call me Kitten said...

I saw the ones you made - these are a bit different though - it's not ice cream, technically, it's more of a frozen pie filling, but creamy. and thanks!

j*amy said...

ahhh - that makes sense. i was thinking about doing something like that - like a frozen mousse...i think that might have been better on mine...but they were still yummy!