Sunday, August 17, 2008

vegan cupcakes

This was my first shot at a vegan recipe. Are you surprised that it's a cupcake? I'm not! I figured if I'm going to start doing this more than just as a hobby, I need to expand my horizons.

I found the recipe HERE.

I left out the chocolate ganache swirl because I didn't have any dark chocolate in the house, but next time I'll make sure I get some.

But, anyway ..... introducing ..... the root beer float cupcake! I made two dozen mini ones and had enough batter left for 6 full size ones. They have a vanilla "buttercream" icing (made with shortening, not butter). I wouldn't normally put that amount of frosting on a cupcake but I loved how it looked like a scoop of ice cream for the photo.

vegan root beer float cupcakes

Now, who wants one? *grins*

1 comment:

j*amy said...

those look amazing! i actually thought it WAS a scoop of ice cream on the top...