Friday, December 19, 2008

hooray weekend!

I have two more days of work (Monday and Tuesday) and then I'm off until January 6th! Jealous? *LOL*

I got to see the Christmas cards that were made with the picture I posted in my last blog entry (the ones that I took for the teacher at school). They came out SO good - I was really pleased with them!

I'm going to be baking this weekend. Two cupcake orders (one for the white chocolate raspberry and one for the Orange Creamsicle ones), cake pops (cake on a stick, coated in chocolate - they're delish, or so I've been told), a chocolate cheesecake pie (in my family it's known as Midnight Madness) and a non-baking item - a gingersnap dip for Christmas eve and Christmas Day. I'll divide that dip into two dishes so I can take them to my parents' house and to Dave's parents' house too. Oh, and I'll be making peppermint bark for teachers' gifts. I'll be a busy little bee.

We braved the mall last night. I'm glad I don't have to go back there again, LOL. We stopped in at Steve & Barry's - they're pretty picked over but did find a t-shirt for my father and let the kids each pick out a shirt for themselves. I had to stop Mason from choosing the "Beavers like Wood" shirt, and ended up having to explain to him in the middle of the store why he wouldn't be able to wear that to school. When I told him what they meant by 'beaver' there (he wasn't satisfied with my "because I told you so" answer) his response was "ooooh. yeah. I don't want that." and put it back. He ended up with a shirt with a really bad hand of poker on it that says "I was losing money playing poker before it was cool." That one, I might be able to let him wear to school. The Connor got one that says "I'm in shape. Round is a shape."

I'll leave you today with a couple Christmas pictures.



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Anonymous said...

Aw! Loved the photos.
Enjoy your time off!
Merry Christmas!
Happy healthy New Year to you and your family!