Friday, March 27, 2009

How to irritate me

I really wouldn't recommend it, really.

Every day, about 7:45am and 4:25pm, I drive over 6th Street by the court house and Gannon, and then around the park to get to Erie Insurance. Every day, I see people darting in and out between cars there, with no regard for traffic. I'm all about "right of way" but geesh, people, the crosswalks aren't that far away. Will those 12 or so extra steps really kill you? They won't, I promise, but the cars driving down the street might.

Also, if you are going to use the crosswalk, wait until you have the right of way, don't just step out into traffic (even if that traffic is just me at the moment) without looking the only way traffic can travel go on North Park Row, while talking on your cellphone. I'm sure where you're going is very important, but I promise you, it's not as important as your life.

Another good way to irritate me is to assume the cupcakes I baked for your family, when I haven't seen you or your family in almost 12 years, are free. Reimbursing me for the cost of my ingredients at least would have been nice. I appreciate the thank you, but when I don't get a very large paycheck, and had to pay for those ingredients out of my pocket, it's just not enough.

There's more but really, that's enough negativity in here today. I try to be a pretty calm person, but when I bottle stuff up, it's got to spill out somewhere - and it's my blog and I'll bitch if I want to!

Tonight I'm off to help with cupcakes with one of my 4-H'ers. If you're looking for something to do tomorrow morning around 11am-ish and are hungry, stop by the Erie County Vo-Tech school for our 4-H Cook off. You can taste everything the kids made for only $1 and all the money goes to the 4-H scholarship fund and get to vote for the most popular dish. If not, I'll have lots of photos to share, I'm sure, between tonight and tomorrow!


El said...

Sounds like you had a crummy day.

Mary Francine said...

Sometimes it feels good to get it out. I drive over 10th street by the Cathedral many mornings, and am appalled at the brazenness of the Prep kids, walking across the street without so much as a glance. They're confident that I will stop, and of course I'm going to, but it makes me feel manipulated all the same. I notice they're slightly more cautious in the snow, although that's hardly a reason to wish it back. At least it was sunny today!

Ray D. said...

Yeah, I almost ran over about 4 people yesterday in that area because they didn't care to use the crosswalks, and they were absolutely sure I would avoid them.

If I was a psychopath they would have been out of the gene pool by now...