Sunday, May 24, 2009

Margarita cupcakes

Cake recipe here. Frosting recipe here. I didn't use the alcohol in them though, simply because I didn't have any at the house (I don't drink much anymore).


Lime buttercream frosting before I added the food coloring ... I love that you can see the little flecks of zest!


I used a coarse sugar to simulate the look of salt.



I also made the s'mores ones. I couldn't think of two cupcakes more suitable for a picnic than s'mores and margaritas!


The chocolate pieces on top of the s'mores cupcakes are little bitty baking pieces I found recently! I had been chopping up the fun size bars of Hershey's, but these are SO much easier! I also found them in Peppermint Patty and Reese's kinds too! They are the perfect size for the top of a mini cupcake.


I got a little bit of video too, lol.

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Susan said...

Just found you via Amy's blog (AmeliaGrazia) and wanted to tell you how delicious your blog is! I've added you to my RSS feed!