Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is me, slacking again

Hello? Do I still have any readers left out there?

I suppose this is starting to be a theme here, but when you've been blogging for close to 10 years, you tend to get a little burned out by it every now and then.

Nothing much new to report. I'm still baking, still working, still stressed out (but not by baking - I love that!). I'm more or less in one piece (which, with my clumsiness, that's an impressive feat!).


Kiddos had fun on Halloween, we made it through Thanksgiving and enjoyed Christmas with our families.

Halloween '09

I had an order for cupcakes for a baby shower and was asked if I could put a monogram of the baby's future initials on the cupcakes. I wracked my brain to figure out how I was going to do this, as I'm not real fond of fondant (i.e. - the Connor's wrestling ring birthday cake), so I decided to work with chocolate! I think they came out pretty fantastic. *pats her own back*

Monogrammed baby shower cupcakes

We drove down to Kraynak's and Daffin's mid-November. I've been to both several times but Dave had never been to either one. I think we'll be going back there again, as he enjoyed both very much. I picked up a couple Christmas ornaments at Kraynak's - both ornaments are very fitting for me!


So true!

The kids and I are currently enjoying Christmas break (and not really looking forward to returning to school/work on the 4th). We spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family, and that included a surprise baby shower (including games and baby gifts) for my cousin and his fiance. They were very surprised!

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

That is just some of my side of the family - there are lots missing from the picture!

We spent Christmas morning here at the house and later on at Dave's parents' house for lunch/dinner.


Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

That last picture is my niece with her "If You Give A Cat A Cupcake" cat (and book in Dave's mom's lap) that we got for her!

I think that's just about everything. I'll try to be a better blogger next year, but I make no promises!


amy grace said...

did you pipe out the chocolate on those monograms? or cut out?? i did piping of "baby" before for a shower, it was pretty cute, but difficult as the chocolate was so melty! i'm doing that for my sister's shower in a few weeks too, also going to do some polka dots, i'm thinking melting chocolate and doing cut outs (much more yummy than fondant for sure!)

You may call me Kitten said...

That was hand-piped, I did the letters backwards so that when I flipped the chocolate over it would be smooth on top. There are pictures of how I did it up on the MWFC facebook page!

Tea Time Consultants said...

Love your cupcake photos.