Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Connor.

Before I start this story I need to briefly explain that my 8-year old son refers to himself as "the Connor." I have no idea why, but we humor him.

The Connor's teacher pulled me aside yesterday when I was picking him up after school. The first thing that ran through my head was that he did something wrong. I was quickly assured that all is fine.

She told me that she had to tell me what he said in class that day. They were to go up to the board and guess a word by the shape of the letters. The Connor's word was a four letter word that started with "F".

Now, before I go any further - he did NOT say anything horribly bad that an 8-year old should not be saying. It's sad though that that's the first thing that ran though my head. He does NOT go around saying this word but I know that he's heard it (rarely, not all the time).

He walked up to the board, mulled over the word for a minute, turned around and very proudly said "FART!"

His teacher was so taken aback by his answer that she immediately burst out laughing. The class was laughing too - not AT him but because it was funny. I would have laughed too.

She told him that wasn't the particular word she had in mind up there but that the actual word was something that he'd use every day. Then she thought, 'He's a boy - he probably DOES use that word every day."

I never found out what the real word was but had needed that laugh yesterday. I'm still laughing about it today.

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Jenny said...

That's hilarious--little guys can be such a riot. Thanks for sharing!