Saturday, September 8, 2007

mmmm, dessert!

Normally, dessert is one part of the meal I skip because I'm not too keen on sweet things unless it involves peanut butter.

I do have one other dessert weakness though and that is key lime pie. After lunch today we decided to splurge and ordered dessert, too. I had a key lime pie "shooter" (hey, I didn't name it, I just ordered it).

key lime pie dessert shooter

Connor had the Chocolate Mousse "shooter".

chocolate mousse dessert shooter

...and Mason had the Strawberry Cheesecake "shooter".

strawberry cheesecake dessert shooter

Before lunch (I'm doing things bass-ackwards here) we walked around the beginnings of a indoor "flea market" type thing that just opened here. Lots of arts and crafts spots and just some general tables as well. I could spend hours looking at the arts and crafts things. I only bought one thing though.

Italian bread scented candle.

You would not believe the scent of that candle. It is exactly like a loaf of hot, fresh, Italian bread. I want to eat it (but I won't)!!

I absolutely love the candles from that place and was thrilled that they had a booth there. Now I don't have to drive way out of my way to get candles!!

I think that's about it for today. Enjoy your evening!

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