Saturday, September 6, 2008

cupcakes, part one

root beer and pink lemonade

The ones with the straws are root beer float cupcakes (a vanilla cupcake with a root beer buttercream frosting) and the pink ones are pink lemonade cupcakes.

Tomorrow I'll be adding orange dreamsicle cupcakes and spice cake mini's with a maple buttercream.

These are for my second outside-the-family order - I was thrilled to get it!


John said...

Mmm they booth look yummy. I would love to try the root beer ones.

Eden said...

I got the stuff to make the pink lemonade ones last week & then I see Hawk ripping open a packet of Kool Aid. I said, "That's for a recipe! I got you Country Time to drink." I'd told him that but he'd forgotten ;) So I got more & I'm hoping to make them this week.

I LOVE the straws in the rootbeer ones (and the frosting on the pink). Clever!

Eden said...

... and now I reread the recipe & I think, "Why am I buying pink lemonade Kool-Aid pack when I need to buy pink lemonade concentrate?"

My brain. She is frozen.

You may call me Kitten said...

The pink lemonade ones come highly recommended. They have been described as "bangin'" (the woman who ordered them used that word, not me).

Brooke & Freeland said...

i will take a dozen of each please! :)