Friday, January 16, 2009

a brief update

First, the vanilla cream filled chocolate mini cupcakes with dark chocolate buttercream frosting I made for a birthday at work last week (and the new mini cupcake stand I got for half price!).


cupcake stand

Second, the VERY rich chocolate chip cookie dough brownies I made mid-week. These are a definite "make again", maybe for a picnic so they're not just sitting around at my house all week. Recipe for brownies and ganache courtesy of Bakerella (You can find her on my "blogs I read" section).

chocolate chip cookie dough brownies

Third, just a quick shot of something completely different.



Eden said...

I came for the cupcakes and stayed for teh sexie!

How do you get the cream inside? I have a mechanical pastry bag w/ the filling attachment and when I tried it, the filling came right back out & then the cupcake asploded. Hints?

You may call me Kitten said...

I used a Wilton 230 tip and a pastry bag. Just insert the tip about halfway in and squeeze gently,


Man, that sounds really dirty!


...until the cupcake starts to puff just a tiny bit. For the mini filled ones I just squeezed a VERY little bit, because it didn't take much to fill those.

Dame Kathryn said...

i love cuppies. this is a goot site. LOL LOL