Friday, June 26, 2009

A (mostly) non-cupcake post!

I've been enjoying my summer vacation very much (aside from our tub being clogged- yuck!).

I had some very dear friends in town for a visit. We hit the TREC, Sara's and drove around the Peninsula and took their little one to the beach for her very first time!


We've started our 4-H dog training classes for the summer and I caught a beautiful sunset the other night.


sunset over the bay

This past Sunday a close friend of my family got married! Congrats again Megan and Aaron. Thank you for letting me share in your special day. The week before the wedding, Megan contacted me about making some special gluten-free cupcakes for her 3-year old niece so that she could have cake at the reception. I was more than happy do that for them!

Megan and Aaron's wedding

Megan and Aaron's wedding

Megan and Aaron's wedding

Megan and Aaron's wedding

I think that about sums up my last few weeks! If you happen to be reading this today (Friday), please don't forget to check out my previous post and vote for Milo if you want to!

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Cheryl said...

Great sunset! What a great impression your gluten free cupcakes made - she sure seems to be enjoying! Hope your summer is going great - talk to you soon!